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4B Social Studies Project – Global Warming

Class 4 B Subject: Social Studies Topic: Global Warming Team work, research based and awareness-oriented projects were done by the students. They have showcased the causes and effects of global warming. These young minds have tried to find solutions to reduce global warming and make their contribution to society by creating awareness within their closed […]

Class 1: G.K.

On 06  and 7th July, during the General Knowledge class, the students were asked questions on animals and their young ones, along with the sounds each animal makes. Most of the children liked classroom quizzes. They were able to answer the questions. Those who didn't know were helped by their team members. Positive points were […]

Experiment : Air can move objects & Air can lift objects

Experiment 1: Air can move objects An experiment was conducted by the students of class 2B to prove that air can move objects. Various objects such as seeds (corn), paper pieces, dry leaves and a stone were taken. Four students were selected to perform the experiment with an inference. A straw was given to blow […]