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Experiment : Air can move objects & Air can lift objects

July 6, 2023

Experiment 1: Air can move objects

An experiment was conducted by the students of class 2B to prove that air can move objects. Various objects such as seeds (corn), paper pieces, dry leaves and a stone were taken.

Four students were selected to perform the experiment with an inference. A straw was given to blow the air. Curious students observed when their friends performed the experiment.

A student is trying to blow air on corn.

Paper pieces getting scattered by air.

Dry leaves can be moved by air.

A stone cannot be moved by air.

When the student was trying to blow air on the stone, it didn’t move. But corn, dry leaves and paper pieces moved because of the air. Students came to the conclusion that Air can move objects which are light but heavy things like the stone cannot be moved by blowing air.

Experiment 2: Air can lift objects

This experiment was conducted to show the students that air can lift objects. A story book and a plastic bag were taken for this experiment. The book was placed on the plastic bag at the edge of the table so that air can be blown into the bag. When air was blown into the plastic bag, the plastic bag got inflated and lifted the story book along with it.

Students were thrilled to see that the story book could be lifted because of the air blown into the plastic bag.



July 6, 2023