St. Josephs Institute

St. Joseph's Institute


Guideline for Parents

Guideline for Parents – CLASS – I


  • Give wholesome snack prepared at home. Avoid giving cakes, biscuits, noodles etc.
  • Give two napkins / tissue, one for keeping below the tiffin box and the other for personal use.



  • All children should wear stretch pants and T-shirt for dance class and yoga dress for Yoga class.
  • Boys must wear underwear and girls must wear shorts under their dresses.
  • A complete set of clothes and a napkin should be kept in school at all times.



  • Please maintain personal hygiene of your child especially cleaning of ears and trimming of nails regularly. Hair must be neatly tied and checked for nits and lice.
  • Children should be toilet trained at home.
  • Label children’s belongings especially their footwear, water bottle, raincoats / umbrella etc.
  • If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday in school kindly send only one small chocolate.



  • Sight words are meant for reading on a daily basis.
  • Spellings of sight words not to be done.
  • Encourage your child to read storybooks and children’s magazines/ newspaper.


Follow-up at home

  • Work done will be maintained in separate files in the class.
  • Only work done in the school should be practiced as follow-up at home.



  • Meet the teachers with prior appointment.
  • Make sure that you meet the teacher when she calls for a discussion. Meeting time can be scheduled convenient to you and the concerned teacher.


Leave note

  • Ensure that your child is in the class by 8:00 am. If due to any reason he /she is late please accompany the child to the class.
  • Collect your child at 1:00 pm and do send a written message to the class teacher or office if a relative or friend is going to come to collect your child instead of yourself.
  • Do send a leave note mentioning the correct reason when your child is absent.
  • In case the child is sick please do not send the child to school.


Circulars & Notices

  • Henceforth hard copy of any circular or notice will not be sent home.
  • The same will be informed through whatsapp groups.


Whatsapp Rules

  • Please do not forward any unofficial posts, forwards or videos on the group.
  • Regarding payment of fees please do forward a mail to instead of whatsapp.