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Library Activity

July 13, 2022

Library Scavenger Hunt: Level one

This library activity was conducted in class 4 B on 12/07/2022 and in class 4 A on 13/07/2022 .Students are divided into 6 groups with 4 children in each group. Each group is given 4-5 Encyclopaedias (Reference source) .This is to enable them to use the library resources to full potential and to navigate information they require from reference sources. Students were told to find Glossary, Index, and Content page. The group that could find it first were given 60, followed with 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 points. The first group would get highest marks and the last group, the   lowest.

Once they became   familiar with above pages a simple topic was given. They had to search for Amphibian in the given encyclopedias.

They had to discuss it in their group .One person from the group will then explain it in his/her own words to the class.

Encyclopaedias used in this activity were of their level and easy to understand.

Same activity will be carried with different levels of difficulty suitable for each class.

Compiled by:

Shital Jadhav

Asha Keny


July 13, 2022