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Experiment – Air has weight

July 4, 2023

Class – 2B

An experiment was conducted in class 2B to show one of the properties of air which is -air has weight.

Two inflated balloons were tied at an equal distance at two ends of a scale with the help of woolen thread of equal measurement. The scale was held at the center to balance the weight of the balloons that were tied. Then one of the balloons was pierced with a pin. The balloon burst. The balloon that  had air comes down, that is the scale tilts towards the side of the inflated balloon. This proved to the students that ‘air has weight’.


What happened to the balloon at the other end? Why ?

The  inflated balloon at the other end came down slightly.


The inflated balloon weighs more than the deflated one that’s why the   balloon with  air at the other end came down.

Children were thrilled to observe the details of the experiment and agreed that ” Air has weight “.


July 4, 2023