St. Josephs Institute

St. Joseph's Institute


School USPs

Here is what makes our School Unique!

Large Classrooms

Focus on Technology

Computer lab with two teachers (CAL – computer aided learning), Skype project with Banslaat Skolan, Claro – Text to speech. Our online classes were successful because teachers were trained and have been using Google classroom since 2017 and tablets since 2015.

Experimental Science Laboratory

Experimental Science is introduced in class 1 along with EVS. The concept of hypothesis, making predictions, recording observations and prove/disprove the hypothesis is taught early in our school.

A separate science lab is one of the USPs of STJ (Most schools introduce science from class 5).

In classes 1 to 4, we teach EVS as well as Science.

Introduction of 3 Languages in Class 1

Exclusive Rooms for Hindi, Marathi, Art /Craft, Yoga, Dance

Special rooms are assigned for Hindi, Marathi, Art and Craft, Music, Computer lab, Dance and Yoga. Children thus move to different classrooms to learn rather than the teachers coming to the classrooms. This enables creative freedom to both the teacher and the child.

Music & Dance

Differential Learning in the Classroom:

Introduction of Tablets in Class 3

There are children with different abilities in the classroom. In a classroom with 26 children, approximately five would be above average and 5 below average.

These children need special attention.
The children who are above average are allowed to progress further (thereby reducing boredom and fidgety behavior in the class room) this is possible due to the introduction of tablets in class 3.

Khan academy is used by the children to learn and progress further.

HOTS (higher order thinking skills) worksheets are also assigned to the children from class 1 onwards.

Those who have learning difficulties get a different set of worksheets/work.

Assistive technology namely Claro read is used for children with reading difficulties.

The aim is to have inclusiveness in the classroom itself (Children need not be pulled out of the classroom unless there is an absolute necessity)



Gardening  is introduced in class 3. The school has won prizes (PRISCA MARTINS MEMORIAL PRIZE ) for INNOVATIVE gardening project for two consecutive years (2019 and 2020).

Some of our children continued gardening during the pandemic as well.

One of our Class 4 students,  Sarath Pillai was a prize winner and was awarded second prize by The Botanical Society of Goa  for category ‘On Ground Gardening’.

Resource Room