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Tradition of Night Outs

June 17, 2022 @ 11:35 am

Most of us at some point or the other in our childhood have gone on picnics and excursions. Some may have just gone on a school day out and others with more adventurous parents would probably have gone on outings with them or family friends. Whatever the reason may have been, I think all of us can agree that picnics and outings are immense fun! They are the perfect opportunity to bond with people, to socialise and have fun at the same time.

St. Joseph’s Institute Primary Section, take their students out to picnics, excursions, cinema, and field trips. But there is one special tradition that the school follows every year and that is to go out with students of class 4 on a night out as a farewell gesture. After 4 busy primary years of studying, learning and growing, a night out serves as a great time bonding with school friends and teachers, having fun, a relaxing way of building memories and enjoying the presence of one another for one last time.

The tradition of night outs began way back when the school used to take the students of class 4 out of school premises, for camping a night out. Here the students put their cutting, chopping, peeling, boiling, cooking skills to use – well guided by the teachers. The students were exposed to being independent, taking care of their belongings and those of others. They went on hikes, organised and played games, collected wood for a campfire, took responsibility for all the activities and had a pleasant time together.

As time moved on, the night outs were at places like Netravali Farm, Quepem Westend Farm, Azuska, Dudhsagar Spa and Resort and Mahindra Club, Varca. The days were filled with adventure outings, activities, games, swimming, just plain old bonding time with teachers and friends. And of course, eating together. The food seemed even more delicious than usual accompanied by banter and chit chat.

This year as schools reopened after a break of two years due to the Pandemic, the annual night out was welcomed with joy by students, teachers as well as parents. The students were taken to Dudhsagar Spa and Resort. They also visited the Biodiversity Park in Mollem. They organised and presented a program to showcase their talents. They had a great time out with their friends.

As they prepare to move into the secondary section, the students leave their primary school with cherished memories of these night outs.


June 17, 2022
11:35 am