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Science activity – To find the Magnetic field of a bar magnet

December 9, 2022

Class 4

This activity was done by class four students.

*To find the Magnetic field of a bar magnet

All magnets produce a magnetic field.

It is the area around the magnet that attracts and repel objects.

This field is formed by the magnetic lines of a force which run from North pole to the South pole.


Things needed for the activity

A bar magnet, iron filings and a white worksheet.

  1. Place a bar magnet below the white worksheet.
  2. Sprinkle the iron filings over the worksheet.

The iron filings get arranged in the form of circles.  Maximum iron filings are seen at the ends of the bar magnet.


The strength of the magnetic force is maximum near the ends ( poles) of the bar magnet.






December 9, 2022