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Science Activity – Persistence of vision

June 21, 2023

Science Activity –   Class III

Topic: Persistence of vision

This activity was done by class 3 students.

This  simple activity helps  to turn two pictures into one!

Persistence of vision is one of the properties of the eyes – to see two pictures as one. It is due to persistence of vision, that we continue to see the object in its place for a very short time i.e. for about 1/16 of a second, even after the picture is removed out of sight.


  1. White chart paper 20×8 cms,
  2. Pencil and colouring pens/ crayons
  3. A stick
  4. Scissors and Glue


  1. Give a fold in the center, so that you get a 10×8 cm rectangle.
  2. We can draw anything, but part of the picture must be on one side of the card and the other part on the second side of the card. Colour the picture.
  3. Apply the glue on the back side of the pictures.
  4. Place the stick in the center and press at the folded portion. Allow it to dry.
  5. Hold the stick between your palms and spin around.

When we spin the stick, our brain sees the first image and then the second image immediately. So we see two images at the same time. They get merged to give the sense of continuity.

This effect is called Persistence of vision.


June 21, 2023