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Science Activity – Class III A

July 25, 2022

Topic: – To see the process of transpiration in leaves.

This activity was done by class 3 students.

Transpiration is one of the functions of the leaves. It is loss of water in the form of water vapor, through the openings called stomata. 

Things needed:

  1. A well watered potted plant or any healthy grown plant.
  2. Transparent polythene bag.
  3. Cellophane tape.


  1. Students took a well watered potted plant.
  2. They covered a portion of the plant with a transparent polythene bag.
  3. With the help of a Cellophane tape, they tied the mouth of the bag around the stem.
  4. So that the air does not enter in or escape out of the polythene bag.
  5. Then the plant was kept out in the sunlight. After few hours it was observed that water vapor got collected on the inner side of the polythene bag.
  6. It showed that the leaves of the plant were showing transpiration.

Since the plant was covered with a polythene bag the water vapor could not escape, it got condensed to form droplets of water.

Compiled by:

Mrs. Poonam Gupta

(Science Teacher)


July 25, 2022