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Library – Environmental Awareness Theme

June 5, 2023

The library returned to its use this academic year on 05 June 2023. Every year, 5th June is celebrated as Environment Day around the world. Taking this as an opportunity, some real-life stories of people who made an impact in the world to save the environment were shared with students. A set of questions were prepared in order to make children think about what is – environment and how as children, they can play their role in saving it.

The story of Padmashree awardee Jadav Payeng from Assam was shared with classes 2 and 3. The name of the story was taken from the biographical children’s book ‘Jadav and the Tree – Place’ – book by Vinayak Varma.

In the story, Jadav at the age of 16 was distressed by the sight of dying snakes that had washed up on a sandbar bank of Brahmaputra river and decided to plant some trees on the spot. He started small with bamboo, and eventually grew an entire forest.

Children then were asked what real life solutions they would have, if they were to save the environment. They came up with solutions like eating mangoes, eating more mangoes, and keeping the seeds and germinating them with the help of elders. Some shared that they had already kept the mango seeds and started the process of germination. Children came up with solutions like – saying no to plastic bags, using water carefully, not using animal leather products, etc. It was pretty amazing to know that children already knew many things about this theme and were ready to start this year with enthusiasm.

Class 1 was given basic information about the library and the books. This week, a story related to rain and its sound was told to them. The name of the story was Drip, Drop, Drip, written by Amar Goswami.


June 5, 2023