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Cucumber Day Activity

June 14, 2023

Class I A & B

‘World Cucumber Day’ is that one day of the year when the noble cucumber receives the attention it deserves!

The students were informed about the celebration a day prior and were asked to wear green coloured dress to participate in the same. When they arrived at their classes, they all smiled and wished the teachers “Happy Cucumber Day!” It was amazing to see their excitement  towards the cucumber day celebration. During the circle time teachers shared with them when exactly the activity would be conducted. All the students were seated in a circle and cucumbers were passed to them to touch, feel, smell and see. Later, teachers asked what they saw and felt. Each student shared their observations and information they had about cucumbers. Then the teacher questioned them about a fun fact – ‘Is cucumber a fruit or a vegetable?’ All the students answered that cucumber is a vegetable.  When the teacher explained more about cucumbers, they were surprised to know that it belongs to the melon family and is a fruit but used as a vegetable.

Later on, they were shown how we peel and eat the cucumber. The peeling process was shown, it was cut in circles – to relish the goodness of cucumber. The students l loved eating the cucumber in the class with their friends and could tell its taste, colour, smell and how it looks inside. Then they all drew funny, creative cucumber pictures on a given page and coloured them.  It was lively and colourful.

Teacher later listed the health benefits of eating cucumbers and questioned them if they knew any other fruit which is also a vegetable? They had no clue, so they were asked to find out and come  the next day. It was an informative and fun learning class activity wherein students learnt new facts and benefits of the cucumber.


June 14, 2023