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Class lll Cooking activity

February 1, 2023

Safety instructions

  • Teacher showed the children how to handle the knives and scissors carefully.
  • Children were taught to light the gas stove and put it off.
  • Children were taught how to handle hot utensils like tawa and spatula.

Cooking is an important and essential life skill for students to learn at the right time for a better, brighter and healthier lifestyle.

St.Joseph primary believes that, implementation of cooking at school level helps students to get motivated and plan, prepare their meals when required by mastering the basic cooking skills.

Hence teachers of class lll along with the kitchen supervisor planned a cooking activity. It was decided to make an egg omelet for non vegetarians and Besan ka chila for vegetarians.

The menu was discussed with children.


Pre cooking preparation

  • Children chopped onion, chillies,capsicum, tomatoes and coriander. Seasoning spices like pepper powder, chili flakes, red chili powder garam masala and Maggi masala were kept.
  • Teacher demonstrated how to break an egg and how to whisk it.
  • Each child was given a steel glass and an egg. The teacher asked them to break the egg and pour it into the given glass and whisk it thoroughly with a fork.
  • They were asked to mix the chopped ingredients and spices as per their own choice.
  • A set of four children at a time with the teacher’s help were taught how to fry the egg omelet.

The vegetarian children were taught  how to prepare Besan ka chila. Names of the ingredients were given to them like gram flour, wheat flour and jowar flour along with spices mixed by the teacher and shown to the children.

  • The mixed batter was given to each child in a glass to which they were told to add the chopped vegetables according to their choice.
  • They were taught how to prepare chilas. Thereafter each child prepared chila and enjoyed making them.

Children were very excited to eat the snack prepared by them and enjoyed it with their classmates. They shared their experience and this enriched the experience of making food on their own.


Post cooking activity

  • After completing the cooking activity children were asked to clean the used utensils and keep them in the designated area.
  • The sweeping / cleaning of the kitchen area was also done by children.

Children enjoyed the activity. Overall it was a wonderful learning experience for the young chefs.



February 1, 2023