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Class 2 Math activity conducted to introduce Division

March 9, 2023

An activity was conducted in Class 2 A & B to introduce the concept and terms related to Division.


A game was conducted, where children were asked to form groups of 4’s.

Each group was asked to appoint  a leader and  was  given 12 colours. The leader had to share the 12  colours equally in their respective group and state the number of colours each member had.

2.Another group Activity

Children were asked to form groups of 5’s.A leader was appointed by each group.The 3  children that could not form the group of 5   were asked to sit aside.

24 beads were given to each group and they were asked to share them equally.

They were then asked to share them equally and state the number each child of their respective group had.


For both the activities, the children were asked

  • How many groups were formed?
  • How many children were not in the group?
  • Did each group member have equal objects?How many did each member get?

Children were then explained that sharing equally is also called Division.

3.Activity 3

A group of  6 children were formed. Another child was given   12 blocks  and was asked to share it equally among the 6 children.

The following questions were asked:-

  • How many blocks did each child get?
  • Were the blocks equally shared?
  • Were there any blocks remaining?


Board work

The same activity was then explained with the help of subtraction.

12 – 2 =10

10 – 2 =  8

8 – 2 =  6  

6 – 2 =  4

4 – 2 = 2

2 -2 = 0

The children were asked to notice the above pattern. In other words 2 was subtracted 6 times from 12.

12 -2-2-2-2-2-2 = 0

It was then explained that division is also repeated  subtraction of the same number.

The symbol for division  was ÷ .

The division statement is written as

12 ÷ 6 = 2

12 is called the dividend.

6  is called the divisor

2  is called the quotient

Since nothing is remaining that is 0- this is called the remainder.




March 9, 2023