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Class -2 Audio Visual Activity

July 4, 2023


  1. To help students relate to the topics and make the teaching process more effective.
  2. To make students retain information.
  3. To facilitate students and create a perception towards the content .

Class 2 students were taken to the computer lab where they had to play an online math game in addition. Each child was given a turn to play the game and all of them enjoyed it very much.

In English class they were taught a new poem, ‘ You’ve all got tails’ by A. A Milne. The teacher spoke about the poet and told them that he was a poet, writer, playwright and a journalist. One of his famous works was Winnie the Pooh.

The teacher showed them clippings on Winnie the Pooh so as to acquaint them with the character.



July 4, 2023