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Activity to introduce multiplication

February 13, 2023

An activity was conducted in class 1 to introduce multiplication. Children were asked to stand in a pair (group of 2) . Then 3  groups consisting of 2 children were made.

The following questions were asked:

  1. How many children are there in each group? 2 are there.
  2. How many groups of 2’s do we have here? 3 groups of 2 are there.
  3. How many children are there altogether? 2+2++2=6
  4. Which number is repeated and how many times? 2 is repeated 3 timesSo repeated addition of the same number is known as Multiplication and it’s symbol is written as ×
  5. How do we represent this mathematical operation?It is 3×2=6Number of groups (3 groups) 3 × 2 ( repeated number in each group)



    So the number of children we have here is 6.

    We can see that 2 is repeatedly added 3 times here which gives us 6.

    In the same way different numbers of children/ objects  were taken and demonstrated for re enforcing concept of multiplication




February 13, 2023