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Activity: 10 Things found in the library

June 13, 2023

Class 3

Activity: 10 Things found in the library

Books, journals, newspapers, films, maps, prints, textbooks, documents, CDs, videotapes, table games, and other things are found in our school library.

On 13th June, 2023 during the library session, students from Class 3 were brought to the library. Before entering the library, fundamental library rules and regulations were revised. Ten minutes were allotted for the students to explore the library. In this activity, the fundamental concept of making learning visible was employed. Children observed the library and its various resources while participating in this activity. They were introduced to reference materials like dictionaries and encyclopedias and why they are called reference books was explained.

Students were encouraged to look out for different genres in the library. When given a few hints, they came up with several genres such as animation books, sci-fi novels, comics, adventure books, mystery books, horror books, and so on.

A few questions were asked, like where they would find specific information. The students were able to give the sources of information they would search for.

Through this activity the students got familiar with the various genres and resources accessible in the library, from which they could select any book and obtain any information on their own.


June 13, 2023